I was first inspired to take photos when I was a kid, as my Mom would show me the precious photos from her childhood in one of the many old family albums that were handed down from previous generations. She used to say if she didnt take those pictures, they would not have been taken. Then I realised the true value of every photo of the people we love, the way that time slides by us and we & our environments are constantly changing, and how important it is to have at least one decent picture taken of yourself during your lifetime.


I have been taking photos consistently since 1978, through the black and white darkroom stage, and then warmly embraced digital. There are endless aspects of photography that I love. The camera is a key to many doors, behind which have been amazing people and places. I find myself in some wonderful situations because of it, from the craic in a nervous brides house to hanging out of a helicopter or waiting for the perfect light on a river.  Every job is different. I have shot hundreds of weddings over the years as well as many and varying professional settings so am well used to walking into different homes and situations. It is an excuse for a walk in the mountains or at the sea, to travel to another country or to mess about in the studio. From a high pressure advertising shoot to a fun wedding are all events that I enjoy.
I’m always taking and making pictures. Its my main hobby too, when I have a day off its all I want to do is go out there and shoot. Its very important to take pictures for the fun of it, and to practice. My other hobby is baking, which is another one I got from my Mom.
In short, I appreciate that I can make a living out of what I love to do.